Tan Phu Cuong Chemicals Import and Export Corporation


About us

Established in 1978 with more than 43 years of experience in chemical field.

Our history

“A journey of more than 43 years to be the leading brand in textile dyeing chemical industry”

Established in 1978

Start off being a subsidiary of tan phu cuong garment company, Tan Phu Cuong chemicals was a small business with 10 employees in 1978. With the rising of the industry and great demand for chemicals from textile and dyeing factories, we have expanded our distribution business to lead the textile market. In december 13th, 2002, Tan Phu Cuong chemicals co., ltd was officially established.

Over 43 years of history, Tan Phu Cuong is now a leading brand in the supply of a wide range of chemicals, with professional customer service and a trusted Total Solution Specialist.


An international brand is a brand that meets international standards in terms of organization’s professionalism and business expansion in the international market.

Maintain position as customer’s first choice

PRESTIGE: TPC Company has a clear, consistent vision and strong execution statement; Focused on Fulfilling Commitments Driven to Customer Satisfaction and Recognized by Customers, Partners and Employees.
EFFICIENCY: Bringing clear results for customers, partners, shareholders in Finance; Time; performance or meet the needs of production and business.
PROFESSIONAL: An organization with a documented Process and Standard that everyone follows. Have Deep Expertise in the job; and Recognized by customers and partners.
DIFFERENCE: A clear, distinguishable difference from other distribution businesses in the same industry; recorded by the customer. Shown in 4 aspects:

(1) Overall solution system;

(2) Goods supply service;

(3) Customer care activities and brand image;

(4) TPC corporate culture, making a difference.


TAN PHU CUONG accompanies development with partners with comprehensive and comprehensive solutions from researching customer needs, building product systems, technical consulting, logistics, financial support to training and transfer.

We are committed to bringing a worthy income and creating conditions for personal development for all officers and employees of the company.

Core values

Tan Phu Cuong Chemical Co., Ltd., with 3 generations of family members working together, has been continuously self-reliant, self-improving, to prove its strength and enforce strong commitments to customers.

RELIABILITY: In the chemical dyeing industry, Tan Phu Cuong is widely known for its diverse range of accessible products, and that’s what differentiates it from its competitors. Combined with a strong commitment towards customer satisfaction and a clear vision, that’s what makes Tan Phu Cuong reliable to customers, partners, and staff. By providing consistent and readily available products, Tan Phu Cuong staff is proud to provide excellent customer service to meet every customers’ needs.

PROFESSIONALISM: Tan Phu Cuong continually updates and refines standards operation producers that are then disclosed to all departments and staff to ensure continuity and professionalism internally and externally, as recognized by our customers and partners. Tan Phu Cuong staff show their professionalism and commitment towards being responsible and efficient with their work throughout their careers at Tan Phu Cuong.

CREATIVITY: In order to better ourselves, every individual from our organization is expected to always seek creative and practical solutions and not just stick to the status quo. Together, we focus on providing innovative solutions as well as improving our organization to always be leading on top of the chemical dyeing industry.

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